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Multi-Tenant Cloud Telephony with UC Capabilities

Neox Hosted PBX for NEXT GEN business communication

Communication is life blood of a business organization. Good business communication and business success go hand in hand. Businesses are used to dealing with multiple vendors - a service provider for internet access, another for voice services, a few more equipment suppliers and many more vendors to help keep daily operations a float.

As communication providers grow their portfolio of solutions, a more streamlined approach to voice and data offers an attractive proposition for IT managers and CIOs. Multiple vendors mean multiple agreements, multiple invoices and multiple contacts. It can be a major headache to manage. For these reasons, a high-quality business communications provider can be a welcome relief which provides multi-tenant cloud telephony with UCaas Capabilities.

Deployment Diagram

UCaaS is the cloud model of handling communication across a variety of different mediums e.g. audio, video, chat etc. This model has a strong appeal because it allows a company to avoid having to deploy an on-premise solution for UC and instead utilize a cloud-based software solution. In 2019, more and more businesses are choosing to go this route because it is simple, affordable and can scale rapidly. Depending on the needs of an enterprise, there are two forms of UCaaS that you might go with: single-tenancy and multi-tenancy.

Offering capabilities such as Unified Communications (UC) and Hosted PBX lets service providers gain new business customers and add value for existing customers, while increasing revenues and decreasing churn. UCaas and Cloud based platform are future of business communication.

Our Portfolio of Hosted PBX, provides multi-tenant capability along with Unified Communication features and capabilities such as auto attendant, hunt groups, call transfer, call forking, Voicemail to Email, Conference Bridge , One number (extension)on multiple devices and more - across laptops, smartphones and tablets with an affordable and complete system that is sized just right for any start-ups and Large Enterprise.

Opening up a whole new world to service providers