Case Study

  • Customer     :    Citrus Pay
  • Industry      :    Digital Payment
  • Solution      :    Neox DialCentre

Citrus Pay managed and delivered cutting edge Customer Service

Digital Payment

Citrus Pay, incorporated in 2011 is historically known to revolutionize the world of online payments. Citrus makes digital payments and online checkout processes simpler, faster, safer and easier for an 800 million strong electronically connected user base.

Neox Dial Center is a Contact Center solution that unites Outbound, Inbound & Blended voice processes. In addition, Neox Dial Center delivers Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Recording, Quality Management, Comprehensive Reporting, & Administrative Capabilities. Neox Dial Center Solution helps customer service & support operators, inside sales people, telemarketers, collections agents, & other phone-based teams to increase sales, save money, & improve customer satisfaction.